Fixing Bulk & Break-bulk,
Made Easy

Transform your email overload into meaningful and actionable insights.
Save yourself hours of inefficient email browsing.
Augment your business relationships and focus on real value now.

Live Market Monitor

Our cutting edge technology extracts market information in real-time from your emails and structures it into a very powerful, comprehensive, fast and searchable overview.
Forget endless searches and obsolete mailbox rules.
Start saving entire workdays with our unique solution.

Know when your colleagues reply

Shipfix automatically detects similar emails across multiple inboxes within your company.
This allows us to instantly tell you whether or not your colleagues have read incoming emails or replied to the senders.
This improves team coordination and efficiency in fixing real leads.

Find emails’ business information in milliseconds

Our state-of-the-art platform is designed to provide the fastest experience when it comes to finding the right business information within your emails, instead of wasting hours searching in the first place.

Instant Messaging

Fixing a ship requires fast and reliable communication.
With our secure messaging platform you can now instantly communicate and share on-going business opportunities across your team, drastically improving your operating efficiency.

Comprehensive collaborative email thread

Shipfix allows everybody in your team to follow at a glance the progress of your leads and fixture conversations by highlighting changes within emails threads.

Message your team and share documents

Our purpose-built instant messenger allows to share leads, contacts, ship details and much more information across the team.

Unique Directory

Our community and its extraordinary enriched data enable a deeper knowledge of your professional network with facts.
Benefit from highly valuable insights and factual relationship metrics such as counterparty scoring, key people at various businesses and a detailed ship database.
You can now target business contacts more accurately.