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Shipfix is an independent collaborative platform and data community for the maritime and trade sectors featuring groundbreaking AI-enabled tools.
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Smart Inboxes

Fixing a ship or a cargo requires an ability to intuitively search and filter emails based on true data intelligence, beyond the capabilities of traditional solutions such as Outlook, Gmail, or other legacy email clients. Shipfix provides you with the most advanced and intuitive filters in the market.

Fast and Flexible Interface
Granular shipping filters
across custom inbox tabs
Data Enriched
Integrated with the directory via
automatic content extraction
Focus on Relationships
Real-time collaboration
and dynamic contact lists
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Unprecedented Data Insights

Our independent community model allows Shipfix members to benefit from a very broad coverage of market data covering global orders, tonnage circulars and trade flows of products and commodities. The case for such a contribution-based model has been proven by Shipfix.
Tonnage Openings
Cargo and Vessel Orders
AIS Vessel Movements
Predictive Signals and Trends
Filter by Geography, Cargo or Vessel Type
Daily Volumes or Moving Averages
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Powerful Maps

A map is one of the most intuitive visual references for anyone involved in maritime and trade industries. That's why Shipfix has designed a raft of map-centric features that allow you to perform daily tasks without leaving the map; visualise and export advertised tonnage and cargoes from your inbox, cargo heatmaps, run distance and voyage calculations and browse AIS data.

Live Positions
Live vessel AIS positions
and advertised tonnage
Distance and Voyage Calculator
Run any distance
or voyage calculation
Order Heatmaps
Generate bespoke
order heatmaps
Discover Tonnage Openings
Distinguish tonnage that you have
and have not been proposed
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The Most Advanced Directories

Our community and its extraordinary enriched data enable a deeper knowledge of your professional network with facts. Benefit from highly valuable insights and factual relationship metrics such as counterparty scoring, key people at various businesses and a detailed ship, port and bunker database.
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Instant Messaging

Fixing a ship requires fast and reliable communication. With our secure messaging platform you can now instantly communicate business opportunities and collaborate across your team, drastically improving your operating efficiency.

Secure and Centralised
Securely communicate across your entire organisation
Easily Share Documents
Share documentation about ports and ships easily
Advanced Tags and Rules
Tag your teams and increase your efficiency
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